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Entertainment Studies Certificate

The Entertainment Studies Certificate offers maximum flexibility in scheduling. When selecting courses, it is recommended that students select 1 foundation course and 1 or more courses from the required areas of study each quarter. Remaining units are met with electives.

Please note that required courses will only count once toward the overall unit requirement for the certificate program.

4 Foundation Courses (16 units)

Course No. | Title Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
FILM TV X 404 Pre-Production and Production for Film and Television + 4 / / / /
FILM TV X 404A Post-Production for Film and Television 4 / /
MGMT X 403.31 The Business of Entertainment 4 /
FILM TV X 476.581 The Language of Filmmaking 4

1 Acting Course (4 units)

X 400-X 499 Select 1 Acting Course 4

1 Cinematography Course (4 units)

X 400-X 499 Select 1 Cinematography Course 4

1 Directing Course (4 units)

X 400-X 499 Select 1 Directing Course 4

1 Development Course (4 units)

X 400-X 499 Select 1 Entertainment Development Course 4

1 Producing Course (4 units)

X 400-X 499 Select 1 Producing Course 4

Select 3 Electives (12 units)

Students must complete 3 electives (12 units) from courses numbered X 400-499 in Acting, Cinematography, Directing, Entertainment Development, Producing, Business and Management of Entertainment, Post-Production, Writers’ Program/Feature Film, Writers’ Program/Television, Writers’ Program/Special Topics in Film & TV, or Music. New electives are added regularly.

X 400-X 499 Various Entertainment Courses 4


+ Should be completed within the first 2 quarters of study.

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