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Congratulations to our

UCLAxFilmFest 2022 Official Selections!

UCLA Extension’s Entertainment Studies program presents the seventh annual UCLAxFilmFest! The festival will take place on the weekend of September 9 – 12, and will showcase the best short films by our current and previous Entertainment Studies students along with industry panels and networking events!

Congratulations to our UCLAxFilmFest 2022 Officially Selected Filmmakers! 

A Matter of Time
Written & Directed by Yang Liu*
Produced by Yudong Guan & Yang Liu*

Directed by Ziling “Jolyn” Mei
Produced by Jiarui Guo*
Written by Ziling “Jolyn” Mei & Menghan Cheng

A Sense of Joy
Written, Directed & Produced by Roisin Jones
Composed by John Kelleher*

Bunny or Monkey? Zabezoo. Ears N’ Tail
Produced by Anna Lobacheva and Eugene Lobachev*
Directed by Zakhar Marmosetty
Written by Alexander Alfeev and Alexander Filyurin

Directed & Produced by Kate Cobb*
Written by Kevin Bigley 

Fight for the Future
Produced by Hongtao Yang* & Yu Ding
Directed by Xiaowei Liu

Found Family
Directed by Esmee Lavalette*
Produced by Ginevra Atti*
Written by Cassandra Burge
Scored by Ameya Saraf*

From the Inside
Written & Directed by Carlota Busquets Estela* & Gisela Estrenjer
Produced by Carlota Busquets Estela*, Gisela Estrenjer, & Anna Escribano

Directed by Emelie Claxton
Produced by Tina Riccio*
Written by Lindsay Kelly

Written & Directed by Shu Ya
Produced by Yi Cheng*

Imelda and Luis
Written, Directed and Produced by Leonel Chee*
Produced by Ale Garcia and Antonio Urdapilleta

Written & Directed by Dilara Senbilgin*
Produced by Natalie Simpkins
Scored by Mert Cetinkaya

Light On
Written, Directed & Produced by:
Hugo Carpentier, Romain Logé, Laura Moracchini, and Richard Moulin*

Directed by Celeste Hoang*
Written by Paul Knauer
Produced by Celeste Hoang* & Nancy Sanchez*

Oh No A Computer !
Written, Directed & Produced by Gordon Schaye*

Written & Directed by Isabel Mazzolini*
Produced by Jessica Kenney & Louis Ramirez

The Good Samaritan
Written & Directed by Brooklyn Hudson*
Produced by Brooklyn Hudson* & Richard Greenwood Jr.

The Death of a Know Man
Written & Directed by Alondra Martinez*
Produced by Alondra Martinez* & Raul GG

The Studio Assistant
Written & Directed by Glenn Kimball*
Produced by Katrina Rotondo* & Glenn Kimball*
Scored by Miguel Mariaca*

The Wish
Written, Directed & Produced by Regan Patterson*

Those People
Written & Produced by Jenny Taher*
Directed by Tasha-Gordon Solmon



To Be Announced


Awards will be presented in the following categories:

Best Film
Best Director
Best Film Score
Audience Choice
Entertainment Studies Award

The winner of each award will receive free enrollment for any one (1) UCLA Extension class in any department. The winner of “Best Film” may use their one (1) free enrollment toward the Independent Study program where the winner will have the opportunity to work on his or her own film projects under the mentorship of a UCLA Extension instructor. The Festival may add additional award categories, to be announced during the submission window.

Congratulations to the winning 2021 films and filmmakers!

Best Film:
All We Know About IAN
Produced by Lance Yijin Lao
Written, Directed & Produced by Danming Niu

Best Director:
Brian A. Pollack for Mixology

Best Cinematography:
Joann Wong for A Poem from YiQing

Best Unique and Artistic Film:
A Poem From YiQing
Written, Directed & Produced by Rong Yan

Entertainment Studies Award:
Run Free
Co-Written, Directed, and Produced by Brandon Ravet
Co-Written by Phredley Brown
Produced by Caity Ware & Cameron Freeman

Best Film Made Under COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions:
Stranger in the Closet
Written, Directed & Produced by Robert Dill

Audience Choice Award:
Written & Directed by Shriya Rana

Thank you to our UCLAxFilmFest Prize sponsors for 2021. In 2021, Final Draft awarded all seven winners with the latest Final Draft Screenwriting Software. Our sponsor, Chemical Wedding awarded their film director’s viewfinder app, Artemis Pro, and their cinematographer’s light simulation/sun tracking app, Helios Pro to all winners. Fox Entertainment sent all seven winners a 4K Drone Camera and provided one winner per award with the opportunity to participate in a single-day set visit to one of their broadcast productions .