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Certificate Program Information


Course Requirements

  • Courses that meet certificate requirements are numbered in the X 400 series.
  • X 400 series courses must be taken “For Credit-Letter Grade.”
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 must be achieved for successful completion of the certificate program.
  • Courses enrolled in the pass/not passed or DNR (Do Not Record) options are not applicable.
  • Courses that appear on your transcript are applicable to your certificate program for a period of 5 years.

Please note that the curriculum of one certificate may be similar to that of one or more other certificates we offer. While individual courses may be counted toward multiple certificate programs, at least 50% of the academic units applied to each certificate must be earned uniquely. Please consult with Entertainment Studies counselors if further advising is needed.

Courses Taken at Other Institutions

An equivalent course taken at another college, university, or educational institution may be used to “waive” a required course, subject to review and approval.  In general, a maximum of requirements may be waived in any certificate program.  Requirements waived must be substituted with an approved elective course to meet the minimum unit requirement.

Certificate Program Duration

Certificate enrollment fees are valid and have a duration of 3 years. Full-time students can earn a certificate in as little as 3 quarters to one year, depending on the program.  F1 visa students are generally provided a maximum of 6 quarters on their I-20 to complete their certificate program of study.

Transferring Credit to Other Institutions

X 400 to X 499 courses are post-baccalaureate, credit bearing courses and lecture series designed in content, focus, and presentation style to the standards of instruction used in degree programs.  Credit in these courses may be transferable for advanced standing in degree programs in professional studies elsewhere, subject to the procedures of the receiving institution.


For information on how to enroll and to browse our course selection, please visit our Enroll page.

Certificate students, especially those in sequential programs or those enrolling in courses with “limited enrollment,” are encouraged to enroll early.

For course scheduling recommendations for your full-time course of study, please find your certificate in the sidebar of our Certificates page. There you’ll find schedules that are laid out to assist full-time students who wish to complete their programs in the minimal time for each program. Students also have the option of enrolling on their own schedule and at their own pace.

Space in some required courses is limited. Plan ahead by reviewing the course descriptions and requirements in each catalog.  Enroll early to ensure you finish your program on schedule.