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Why Get a Certificate?

Located at the epicenter of the entertainment industry, the Entertainment Studies program at UCLA Extension provides dynamic professional training in the art and business of entertainment. Our courses are designed for people who want a real-world education combined with the integrity and quality of a curriculum approved by the UCLA Academic Senate. In addition to the deep industry experience of our instructors, UCLA Extension has the ability to respond quickly to changes in technology and the marketplace to keep students on the crest of what’s current.

UCLA Extension Offers:

  • An open admission policy.
  • A growing selection of online courses to serve those in and out of Los Angeles.
  • Certificate courses designed to accommodate the schedules of busy adults.  Our courses are primarily held in the evenings and on weekends. Most courses meet one evening per week and most certificates can be started any quarter.
  • Complete your certificate at your own pace and you can enroll in as many or as few courses as meet your needs!  Those who wish to pursue certificates can complete their studies in as little as nine months or take up to three years.
  • New courses and instructors are added quarterly to provide the most current information and contacts within the entertainment industry.
  • Many courses include field trips to professional production facilities and studios.

How Do Employers Perceive UCLA Extension’s Certificates?

Employers worldwide recognize the value of ongoing training and up-to-date skills. Certificate programs—focused study sequences that combine theory with practical knowledge—are typically very well received by employers, and can be a significant consideration for hiring and promotion. In addition, because certificate program curricula are reviewed at least every 5 years, and frequently approved by accredited professional organizations, state commissions, and boards, employers can rest assured of relevant, current topic coverage in the classroom.

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