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Program at a Glance

Directing Certificate

3 Foundation Courses (12 units)

Course No. | Title Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
FILM TV X 404 Pre-Production and Production for Film and Television + 4 / / / /
FILM TV X 404A Post-Production for Film and Television 4 / /
FILM TV X 476.581 The Language of Filmmaking 4

8 Required Directing Courses (34 units)

FILM TV X 478.9 The Craft of the Director + 4
FILM TV X 476.95 Directing Workshop I: Composition and Movement * + 4
FILM TV X 476.95B Directing Workshop II: Storytelling * 4
FILM TV X 475.44 Directing Actors for the Screen 4
FILM TV X 479.613 The Art and Craft of Film Editing 4
FILM TV X 476.271 Production Sound for Directors 2
FILM TV X 476.243 Developing Your Short Film 4
FILM TV X 476.12B Advanced Filmmaking Workshop: Production and Post-Production ** 8

Select 1 Elective (4 units)

Students must complete 1 elective (4 units) from courses numbered X 400-499 in DirectingCinematographyEntertainment Development, Producing, Business and Management of Entertainment, Post-Production, Acting, Writers’ Program/Screenwriting, or Music. New electives are added regularly.

X 400- X 499 Various Entertainment Courses 4 Offered Fall Offered Winter Offered Spring Offered Summer

+ Should be completed within the first 2 quarters of study.

* Should be taken in sequential order.

** Should be taken in the last quarter of the program.

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