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Program at a Glance

Music Business Certificate

7 Required Music Business Courses (28 units)

A&R (4 units)

Course No. | Title Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
MUSC X 446.2 A&R: Making Music from Acquisition to Release 4

Touring (4 units)

MUSC X 448.86 Touring, Tour Budgeting, and Merchandising 4

Legal (4 units)

MUSC X 448.35 Legal and Practical Aspects of the Music Business 4

Management (4 units)

MUSC X 447.31 The Insider’s Guide to Music Management 4

Select 1 Marketing Course (4 units)

MUSC X 448.80 Do-It-Yourself Music Marketing 4
MUSC X 451 Entrepreneurship for the Indie Artist 4

Select 1 Publishing Course (4 units)

MUSC X 448.17 Music Publishing: Law and Business 4
MUSC X 448.81 Music Publishing: A Creative and Business Perspective 4

Select 1 Production Course (4 units)

MUSC X 448.6 The Record Production Process: Professional Practices 4
MUSC X 441.3 Audio Recording Theory 4

Select 3 Electives (12 units)

Students must complete 3 electives (12 units) from courses numbered X 400-499 in Music Business, Music Production or Film Scoring. Below is a list of suggested electives. New electives are added regularly.

MUSC X 449.2 Music Licensing: Turning Talent into Dollars 4
MUSC X 484.31 Music Supervision for Film and Television 4
MUSC X 499 Music Industry Internship 4

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