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Summer Entry Plan of Study

Producing Certificate

Full-time students who wish to complete their program in 4 quarters should select darker shaded courses in each specific quarter, illustrated by the vertical columns of the chart. Lighter shaded courses indicate available course options which may be taken to achieve full-time status during the specific quarter. Online courses have limited spaces; early enrollment is recommended.

3 Foundation Courses (12 units)

Course No. | Title Units Summer Fall Winter Spring
FILM TV X 404 Pre-Production and Production for Film and Television + 4 R/O/I R/O/I I/O R/O/I/H(I)
FILM TV X 404A Post-Production for Film and Television 4 O/H(I) I/O I/R/O R/O/I
MGMT X 403.31 The Business of Entertainment + 4 O/H(I)/R R/O/I R/O/I R/O/I

3 Required Producing Courses (12 units)

FILM TV X 476.244 Story Development Workshop: Crafting Your Original Story 4 I/O I/O I/O I/O
MGMT X 403.34 Entertainment Financing: From First $ to Distribution of Profits 4 O/H(I) O O O/H(I)
FILM TV X 478.13A The Art of Line Producing 4 I/O I/R I/R I/O

Select 1 Marketing Course (4 units)

MGMT X 403.61 Marketing and Distributing Independent Films Across All Platforms 4 O I/O O I/O
MGMT X 476.99 Marketing Entertainment: Strategies for the Global Marketplace 4 I/O O O O

Select 1 Producing Course (4 units)

FILM TV X 476.6 Low-Budget Filmmaking 4 I O I O
FILM TV X 475 Producing Commercials for All Platforms: A Practical Workshop 4 I I
FILM TV X 478.733 Producing Documentaries 4 I I

Select 4 Electives (16 units)

Students must complete 4 electives (16 units) from courses numbered X 400-499 in Producing, Film & TV Development or Business & Management of Entertainment. New electives are added regularly.

X 400- X 499 Various Producing, Entertainment Development or Business and Management of Entertainment Courses 4 R/O/I R/O/I R/O/I R/O/I

+ Should be completed within the first 2 quarters of study.

Chart Legend: I = In-Person | R = Remote | O = Online | H (I/R) = Hybrid (In-Person/Remote)