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Entertainment Project Management

This three course specialization provides opportunities to understand project management concepts and tools in the entertainment space, covering a wide range of industries from Film and TV, to Theme Parks, and Gaming/Interactive.  Learn key roles and definitions in the introductory course and explore the tools needed to successfully understand how projects are pitched as an idea and executed to completion.  The final course in the specialization provides practical application of the material with multiple case studies, learning from real-life examples and managing issues that arise every day.  This specialization is suitable for the curious student, professionals interested in exploring a different field, and project management professionals.

Students will receive an Award of Completion once the Entertainment Project Management Specialization course requirements are met.

Approximate Program Tuition: $3,000
Approximate Cost of Books and Materials: $350
Specialization Candidacy Fee: $50
Duration: 3 quarters (one course per quarter)

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Course scheduling and fees subject to change without notice.

Program at a Glance

3 Required Courses

Course No. | Title Fall Winter Spring Summer
MGMT 452.1 Welcome to Hollywood! Understanding Entertainment Industries’ Project Driven Culture
MGMT 452.2 Sold! Project Management Principles and Tools in the Entertainment Industry
MGMT 452.3 It’s a Wrap! Deliver your Project Successfully

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