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I am teaching Directing Actors for the Screen, FILM TV X475.44, at UCLA Extension, running on Tuesday nights in the Fall from 7-10 PM. I would like to invite some actors into the class in the first six sessions, so that part of every class is a creative workshop. As a practicing professional director, I will help coach you in scenes to model the best practices for directing actors, while the students and I will work together with you to achieve more powerful performances. Also, know that your experience with the directors in the class might lead you to be chosen for the final filmed scene presentations for the last sessions, weeks 7 to 11, ending December 3rd.

TIME: 8:30-10 PM
NUMBER OF ACTORS NEEDED: approximately 4 for each class meeting.
MEETINGS FOR FIRST SESSIONS: Sept. 24th, Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22, Oct 29
NOTE: You can apply for one or multiple sessions.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Please email Instructor John Henry Davis at Johnhd1013@gmail.com, with the slugline ACTORS FOR DIRECTING CLASS. I would like you to offer a brief resume of your experience in your email. Then I will contact you to arrange your dates for class and offer some scene materials to look at in advance of your participation.


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