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DP Seeks Crew for Grad Thesis Short – Jahmil Eady 

My name is Jahmil. I’m a TFT student producing a thesis that films Oct 8th -13th in LA. We’re looking for people from the Extension program to join our camera & G&E departments.

Our DP, Gionatan Tecle graduated from UCLA’s cinematography grad program two years ago. His work has played at CAA’s Moebius, Palm Springs & Rotterdam International.

My work has played at Austin, Santa Barbara, Indy Fest, Blackstar & more. Please reach out for more info! THANKS!

Class: Graduate Thesis
Contact: JahmilEady@gmail.com
Deadline: 9/30/2021


Director Seeking Actors

Casting main roles for a drama short film about dictatorship immigration, family, and religion.


A 30-year-old Venezuelan immigrant woman who now trains as a novice nun in Spain trying to relieve her traumatizing past with her ex-fiancé.

A 30-year-old professionally successful Venezuelan immigrant male with no future plan ahead but to figure out how to escape his atrocious past with his ex-fiancée.

Class: FILM TV X 476.12B Advanced Filmmaking Workshop: Production and Post-Production
Contact: johnpetersabr@gmail.com
Deadline: 11/10/2021



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