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FREE Virtual Entertainment Studies Seminars

To support our student community during the developing COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering you FREE virtual seminars for the Fall quarter! These free seminars offer a chance to learn, grow, and network while at home.

Fall Filmmaking Panel & Networking Event

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
5:00pm – 6:30pm PT

Gain insights from UCLAxFilmFest 2020 filmmakers and network with students and industry insiders!

If you have been craving a networking opportunity, this is the event for you. Panelists will answer thought-provoking questions, and then the audiences will be intermittently divided into randomized Zoom Breakout Rooms where they can get to know each other by answering the same questions. Come prepared to make new friends and connections. Everyone is welcome to join our Networking Event and become a part of our international Entertainment Studies community. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Landing a Job in the Independent Film Business

Thursday, November 12, 2020
3:00pm – 6:00pm PT
With Gary Rubin

With the entertainment industry in flux due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a job in the vast world of independent film can seem more daunting than ever. In this seminar, we’ll discuss how to navigate the job search process by exploring different branches of the independent film business, ranging from development and production to distribution and end-user presentation. Topics include necessary skills, where to look for jobs, and new developments in the industry. Job seekers will be empowered with expert advice on how to identify positions that will leverage their background, expand their experience, and help them build successful careers in independent film.

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Past Free Entertainment Studies Seminars:

  • The Actor’s Prep: A Step-by-Step Path For Building A Performance

  • Pitching Yourself as an Artist: Transmitting Who You Are & What You Do… with Impact

  • Making Films While Staying at Home: Directing Your Film in the Era of COVID-19

  • Creating Films That Reflect the Times: Exploring Genre to Tell Relevant Stories

  • Current Trends in the Film Scoring Industry and What Lies Ahead

    Thursday, October 1, 2020
    4:00pm – 5:30pm PST

    A panel discussion with film composers about the a state of the film scoring industry with an eye toward the future.

    How can aspiring composers best prepare for a career in film scoring? How has the pandemic changed the industry? What will the future of film scoring look like? Join us for a panel discussion about the state of the industry with an eye toward the future, featuring film composers Jongnic Bontemp, Nima Fakhrara, Michael Patterson, and Ashwin Subramanian, moderated by Steve Rothstein.

  • Zoom Like a Pro – Tips to Hold Successful Interviews, Auditions and Meetings

    Saturday, October 17, 2020
    10:00am – 1:00pm PST
    With Gabrielle Schary

    In this seminar, learn tips on what works on-camera so that you are free to hold your meeting, audition, pitch or job interview with full confidence and without distraction. We will explore and explain various forms of lighting, sound and other technical options. We’ll also discuss short cuts and tricks within Zoom and similar programs and how to make the best use of the supporting apps associated with videoconferencing technology. Topics include virtual background, grooming, recording techniques, chatting, using breakout rooms, working with a co-host, add-on apps such as Zapier, and etiquette. At the end of the seminar, you will have gained tools to effectively present yourself effortlessly.