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FREE Virtual Entertainment Studies Seminars

To support our student community during the developing COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering you FREE virtual seminars for the Summer quarter!

This free seminar offers a chance to learn, grow, and network while at home. The seminars are open for enrollment and will be led by instructor Fernando Scarpa.

FILM TV 701.2 Creating Films That Reflect the Times: Exploring Genre to Tell Relevant Stories (Reg# 376774)

Thursday, July 16, 2020
3pm – 6pm

FREE seminar offered remotely with Fernando Scarpa.

2020 recent news shocked the world. Inequality against people of color has never been so evident and painful to watch. And this on top of a pandemic, an historic shelter in place, loss of jobs and more impactful events. Many filmmakers feel the need to speak up. Independent films are the ideal platform for change, both in content and in form. So, how can the current reality become a part of your artistic expression? Can you expose inequality, amplify the need for justice and oppose discrimination even if you don’t shoot a documentary? Which movie shall you shoot next?

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