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Want a Music Industry Career? Here’s How to Get Started.

Entertainment Studies Film Student

At one time or another, almost everyone has dreamed of working in the entertainment business. It’s a challenging prospect, to say the least. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, nor do you have to wait for a “lucky break.” You can train to work in entertainment.

Music business courses in the Entertainment Studies Program at UCLA Extension can help set you apart.

Experienced professionals know that the best way to break into entertainment is to acquire real-world training. And that’s where UCLA Extension’s world-class instructors come in. Culled from the ranks of top-tier industry veterans, Entertainment Studies’ instructors have won Emmys, Grammys, and Oscars. As a result, they don’t teach mere theory: they have actually done what students are setting out to do.

A number of UCLA Extension courses have become industry “staples.” “Legal and Practical Aspects of the Music Business,” taught by entertainment lawyer Dina LaPolt, has been Los Angeles’ most in-demand music industry class for some 17 years, and was recently written about in Billboard. Courses like these give students an enormous advantage. They learn about real-world pitfalls that may await them, and acquire skills they can directly apply to the job market. Further, studying at UCLA Extension, located in the epicenter of the entertainment business in Los Angeles, gives them innumerable opportunities to network.

Additional music course offerings cover everything from music business, to independent music production, and film scoring. But students can also pursue any direction in entertainment that interests them. Courses span directing, acting, cinematography, producing, screenwriting, development, and much more.

Patricia Portaro, who earned her Certificate in Music Business from UCLA Extension, says: “I came to UCLA [Extension] thinking I knew a lot about music business because I already had a Master’s Degree from Westminster University (UK) and already worked in the area. But this certificate program has opened my eyes to so many different aspects of the business, and trained me to become better in the areas that I work in, such as Copyright Law and Music Licensing. … Finally, living in Los Angeles has been an unforgettable and wonderful experience for me.”

To learn more about the Entertainment Studies Program, visit entertainment.uclaextension.edu.