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  • Find Your Crew

    Are you looking for talented crew for your next film project? Are there skills or talents you can contribute?

    Check out our Find Your Crew page to connect with current and former UCLAx Entertainment Studies and Screenwriting students.

    Filmmaking is a team effort! Submit your name and your projects to Find Your Crew  to build the team you could work with for years to come!

  • Entertainment Studies Advising Sessions

    What courses should I take next? Which electives are the best fit for my goals? Get your questions answered at our weekly Student Advising Sessions on Thursdays from 2pm-3pm (PT). For more information, click here.

  • Entertainment Studies Courses

    Click the catalog image above to view all courses offered in the Entertainment Studies program! To view a digital version of the course catalog, click here.

  • Academic Quarters

    Know important dates, schedule your vacation, or plan your schedule with our at-a-glance breakdown. See the academic quarters here.