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Spring Entry Plan of Study

Cinematography Certificate

Full-time students who wish to complete their program in 3 quarters should select the shaded courses in each specific quarter, illustrated by the vertical columns of the chart. Cinematography workshops have limited spaces; early enrollment is recommended.

2 Foundation Courses (8 units)

Course No. | Title Units Spring Summer Fall
FILM TV X 404 Pre-Production and Production for Film and Television 4 spring/Offered Online summer/Offered Online fall/Offered Online
FILM TV X 476.581 The Language of Filmmaking 4 spring/ /Offered Online /fall

6 Required Cinematography Courses (24 units)

FILM TV X 478.27A Introduction to Cinematography 4 spring summer fall
FILM TV X 478.27B Visualization and Exposure 4 spring summer fall
FILM TV X 478.283 Lighting for Emotional Impact 4 spring summer fall
FILM TV X 479.302 Becoming Camera-Savvy: A Workshop for Today’s Filmmakers 4 spring summer fall
FILM TV X 478.301 The Role of the Digital Imaging Technician in Cinematography 4 spring summer fall
FILM TV X 478.282 The Craft of the Cinematographer 4 spring summer fall

Select 1 Elective (4 units)

Students must complete 1 elective (4 units) from courses numbered X 400-499 in Cinematography, Directing, Post-Production, Producing, Film & TV Development, Business & Management of Entertainment, or Acting. New electives are added regularly.

X 400-X 499 Various Entertainment Courses 4 spring summer fall

Note: Full-time students wishing to add additional electives or take a vacation quarter may extend their program length. F-1 Visa students may have up to 5 quarters to complete their program. Domestic students have a maximum of 3 years.

Charts Legend: Classroom, Remote, or Hybrid Instruction  Online Instruction

Please note this is a new curriculum. If you need to refer to the previous curriculum, click here.