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Instruction Methods

In-Person Formats

Some or all instruction is conducted in person at one of our classroom locations in Westwood or DTLA.

In-Person: All class meetings are taught in person, with the instructor and all students in the same physical classroom.

Hybrid (In-Person): A blend of in-person and online or remote instruction. This learning format features some scheduled in-person class meetings and some online interaction, either in real-time using Zoom or pre-recorded instruction, activities, discussion boards, or other course materials accessible through an online learning platform.

Online Formats

Instruction and interaction is fully online.

Online: Course content is delivered weekly through an online learning platform where you can engage with your instructor and classmates at your convenience. Assignments are due regularly, but there are no required class meetings. Optional office hours with the instructor are offered through Zoom. This flexible learning format allows you to access course content anywhere, anytime, on your schedule.

Remote: All class meetings are scheduled and held in real-time using Zoom, allowing for live interaction with your classmates and instructors. Course materials can be accessed any time through an online learning platform.

Hybrid (Remote): A blend of remote and online instruction, this learning format features some scheduled, live class meetings using Zoom and some pre-recorded instruction, activities, discussion boards, or other course materials accessible through an online learning platform where you can connect with your instructor and classmates.

Chart Legend: I = In-Person | R = Remote | O = Online | H (I/R) = Hybrid (In-Person/Remote)


Film Scoring

Course No. | Title Units Fall Winter Spring Summer
MUSC X 403.51 – The Art of Counterpoint 4 I      
MUSC X 403.52 – Harmony I: Crash Course in Composing for Tonal Music 4 I      
MUSC X 403.53 – Harmony II: Techniques for Composing Contemporary Music 4       I
MUSC X 448.171 – The Business of Film Music 4       I
MUSC X 449.41 – Recording, Mixing, and Editing Techniques for Film Composers 4   I    
MUSC X 449.91 – The Art and Craft of MIDI 4   I    
MUSC X 478.52 – Composing Music for Video Games 4   H(R)    
MUSC X 482.3 – Bringing the Power of Music to Film: A Film Scoring Seminar 4       I
MUSC X 482.8 – Anatomy of a Film Score 4     I  
MUSC X 483.1 – Film Scoring on a Budget 4     I  
MUSC X 483.12 – Writing and Scoring for Strings 4       I
MUSC X 483.2 – Advanced Orchestration: Applied Techniques for the Studio and Scoring Stage 4   I    
MUSC X 483.3 – Score like the Masters: Contemporary Techniques 4     I  
MUSC X 483.43 – Instrumentation and Introduction to Orchestration 4 I      
MUSC X 484.931 – Put Your Music to Work: Composition for Commercials 4       H(I)
MUSC X 485 – Composing Music for Animation 4 I      
MUSC X 498 – Advanced Film Scoring Workshop 4       H(I)
MUSC X 498.3 – Fundamentals of Conducting: From the Symphony to the Scoring Stage 4     I  
MUSC X 499 – Music Industry Internship 4 I/R I/R I/R I/R

Chart Legend: I = In-Person | R = Remote | O = Online | H (I/R) = Hybrid (In-Person/Remote)

Non-Credit Courses

Course No. | Title Fall Winter Spring Summer
Free Virtual Entertainment Studies Seminars R R R R
FILM TV 705 – Entertainment Studies Certificate Student Orientation R R R R

Chart Legend: I = In-Person | R = Remote | O = Online | H (I/R) = Hybrid (In-Person/Remote)

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